The Loss of Black Gold “Locating the Black Man”

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction of the God-King


Genesis 1:26 says “let us make man (mankind) in our image and likeness, and let them have dominion” .27 “so God created man (mankind) in his own image, in the image of God created he him (mankind), male and female created he them.”  To build a house, it must be constructed on a solid foundation. If the foundation is not built correctly, the house will be weak and eventually fall.  We can discuss for hours, the problems in the world, the problems in society, or even the problems of humanity in general.  I believe in solving any problem; we must first inspect the foundation. THE BLACK MAN cannot be defined by the media, our past experiences, or even our parents; we can only be defined by our creator. As we see in the book of beginnings, the created identity, and purpose for mankind. We are god-spirits. We live in a body and we have a soul. After studying other religions and world views, I find that the message of the Holy Scripture, gives us our true foundation, and the house we build is up to us. As we see, the man (masculine energy, God-King) and the female (feminine energy, God-Queen) has been given authority over the earth and has been told to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish it. So what happened? How did we find ourselves in the predicament we see in the world today? In my opinion, the world suffers from what I like to call “MAN WORSHIP.” We have been taught to put a man (mankind) on a pedestal. We find ourselves worshiping celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. without fully understanding the damage we are doing to our souls. The fact that humankind is the only species, that has been given the image of God, makes the worship of men, “False God Worship”.  If a man worships a fallen angel (Lucifer, the devil), he is simply worshiping a fallen angel. Humanity is the gods of the earth, it’s mankind that builds civilizations, creates laws, and builds infrastructures. It is also mankind that creates poverty, starts wars, and commits evil acts against God’s creations. If your worldview requires you to worship, any man that has been born of a woman, you are guilty of false God worship. You have been deceived into worshiping an image. Jesus said, “call no man, father!” This, of course, is not referring to a person’s natural father, but we know as males, it comes a time where we leave our father’s house, and become the masters of our own homes.  Even as we look at the symbolism of the wedding ceremony, the father gives his daughter away to the husband. A man is not created to bow to any other human, but his woman. The God-king and queen are the highest created species in the universe. Let us explore what I call, “the 3 V’s of the God-King”. His vision, his valor and his vocation.


A God-King is guided by his vision. Not only vision of himself, but of his past and his future. His vision is his north star; it guides him, even when he does not realize it.  The Holy Scripture says “With no vision, the people perish.” The determining factor in the universe is not the Devil, Jesus, or any other guru, sage, master teacher, prophet or pastor. The Most High placed the responsibility of your flourishing, and/or perishing, on you and your vision. We visualize through what I call “The Eye of the soul.” This is our imagination, our perception, and our dreams. Our vision determines how we think, and process information. So if a god-King (young or old), has been given a false outlook of himself,  due to his circumstances and/or experiences, his life has been sent down the wrong path, and his perishing is inevitable. So if he has been told, he can’t achieve, he is a slave, he is a thug, he is worthless, he is a criminal, he has no value etc. This becomes his north star, and his path is set towards his own destruction.

A God-King must understand his Valor. You are brave, you are mighty, and you are strong. You carry the image and characteristics of the Most High. Because your vision of you has been warped by television, society, and past experiences, you have never tapped into your God-nature. Remember, you are not your body, nor your soul, but you are a god-spirit, and you are in charge of both soul (mind) and body. Understanding your identity and your strength is the key to you living out created purpose.

Your vocation is your work. It’s your responsibility and the very reason for your creation. The God-King is the seed carrier. As a farmer, plants his seed into the earth, he understands that the protection of the ground in which, he has placed his seed is paramount. A God-King not only provides natural seed but emotional seeds as well. He must understand the importance of his words (seeds), before planting them.  The holy scriptures say “whatever a man sow, that shall he also reap.” So if you plant seeds of pain, negativity, and destruction, we will see the fruit (results) of the seed planted. The most important thing to understand is, as a farmer, we have the ability to uproot bad seeds, till the ground, and plant new seeds. This is the case with our own ground (soul, soil) as well as our love ones. Life has sown seeds of pain in our soul (heart), moments that are etched in our memory, and reminds us of past suffering. We must remember that the Most High is our father and our ultimate example. As he saw the world in chaos, he manifested light and then set order to it. We are the in possession of the power to do the same thing, in our life, our bodies, and in our world.