The Soul of the SOLDIERS

“The Soul of the SOLDIERS” The Children of the Most High (humanity) was never created to have knowledge of EVIL. This is the result of the ORIGINAL SIN IN THE GARDEN. When EVIL is planted in the soul ( the heart, the mind) it will grow and Give off EVIL FRUIT! The lost of spiritual understanding (disconnection with the FATHER) left humanity (his children) without the understanding of there spirit self!! We are SPIRIT (a GOD-SPIRIT, the image of the FATHER) we have a soul and a physical body! The question was raised ” why does a Soldier,struggle after returning from battle” the soul was not meant see DEATH! The mind becomes a grave yard. Visions of Death, Blood, Pain, Terror, and nightmares fills the HOUSE (soul, mind, heart) of the SOLDIER! His HOUSE, has become HUNTED with HORROR!! He tries to numb the PAIN with drug’s, alcohol,women and sometimes SUICIDE!! Anything to stop the VISIONS AND THE VOICES of DEATH!! ADAM IS LOST AND NEEDS TO BE LOCATED!! He is in PAIN. His SOUL isĀ  in CHAOS!! HE IS DYING A THOUSAND DEATHS. SUICIDE WILL NOT HELP YOU. The Spirit and Soul never dies. Natural DEATH, does not stop the Torment!! MY BROTHERS; HEAR ME CLEAR! The Light has come to you! You are not just man, full of weakness and past pains and mistakes! YOU ARE GODS AND CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH! As the young Prodigal Son, you have been in the HOG PIN, and you have done the unthinkable!! BUT ITS TIME TO COME HOME!! Your Father is waiting for you with his arms opened WIDE!! Be filled with his LIGHT!! It will replace the DARKNESS in your SOUL! THIS IS YOUR ONLY HOPE FOR SURVIVAL! Dominate your THOUGHTS!! Please share with all SOLDIERS and PRISONERS OF WAR!! IT WILL BE A TREE OF LIFE TO THEM.