Love Letters and Lessons for the Queen

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“A Poem For the QUEEN”

You are the Daughter of the MOST HIGH. You are LOVE, clothed in flesh. You possess the power of the Sun; you light up the day and keep us WARM when the world is cold! You are the Moon, a Guiding Light that gives us Vision in the NIGHT! You are the WELL that provides Living Water in times of THIRST. All humanity is in constant pursuit of the living tree that produces good Fruit. You carry the World in your Womb as a mother nurtures her Young, all LIFE flows through you, and without you there is None!! You are God’s gift to all humanity, His precious Pearl, his heart, and our favorite Girl!!




Most books that I have read, both religious and secular, seem to spend more time, telling a woman how she should look, or behave; never exploring her true identity. As we learned in the previous letters, we are not our bodies, and we are not our minds, we are god-spirits, made in the image and likeness of the Most High. We have a body, and we have a soul, and it is up to us to control them both. The God-Kingdom Philosophy answers questions such as, why did the snake reach out to the woman? Why was the God-Queen chosen to be a life carrier? Why the God-Queen was called the help mate? Why did the Christ have so many personal interactions with women?  Why was the New Testament church, told that they must take care of the Widow (single mother)? Why do the scriptures say the woman is responsible for building her house?

Growing up, one of my favorite cartoons and comic books where the X-men. One of the characters that always stuck out to me was the Phoenix character. Like the Phoenix, the God-Queen may be one of the strongest single energy forces in the universe. With the ability to nurture and build her house (family, next generation of god-kings and god-queens), we see one of her created gifts on display. She is a life carrier; she is earth.

The seed has no life until it’s planted in the earth. The god-queen takes seed, which has been given to her, multiplies them, and projects them back into the universe. So if she is filled with heartache and pain that is what she is going to multiply and return to the world, in a greater measure. This is not just of the physical seed given to her by a male (seed, sperm), but emotional seeds given to her by life. As we can see, when a woman is pregnant, energy is taken from her and provided to the child in her womb. If she is sick, filled with stress, have a poor diet, or partakes in harmful activities while with child, the baby also receives the same thing. This is why she can hear of a heartbreaking event, and she becomes sad without even personally knowing the victims. She has internalized that emotion and has become pregnant with that pain. Whatever she is pregnant with, she will deliver!

The Christ had numerous encounters with women, but for now we will focus on the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years and the woman at the well. Fill free to read up on the story in details in scripture, but I will say, I don’t share the perspectives of most theologians and biblical scholars at all regarding biblical interpretations, but that’s a discussion, for another day. The Christ specifically reached out to these women, as we will understand later, what role the Christ played in scripture, and it was not to rule as King over mankind, but to restore the identity of the lost kingdom of the gods of the earth. The God-kingdom! The woman was losing blood for 12 years, and no man, doctor, or angel could help her. As we get into the God-Kingdom numerology, that I have also developed, we will understand the significance of the number 12, but for now, we will focus on her loss of blood. Blood represents life/energy leaving from her.   The Christ healed her. The Christ offered the woman at the well water, to prevent her from ever being thirsty again. If you review the story, the woman found herself in various relationships, but none could quench her thirst for love, and acceptance, she also couldn’t provide them with the water they needed.

The woman gives of herself. The very life/energy she has flows through her, and out to the universe. If she is not refilled and replenished, she will find herself empty, dehydrated, and losing the very life/energy (blood), in which the universe relies on. The very nature of the god-Queen is to nurture. Giving love, nurture, and compassion is natural for her because it is an essential attribute in carrying life, both physical and emotional. She must be replenished of that same love and care that she gives out or she will die emotionally.