AN ALLEGORY OF THE SOUL “The Horror House of Savage”


“The Horror House of Savage”. One stormy night, a little boy is awakened by screams filling his house. A loud knocking at the door startled him. He immediately got up out his bed and ran to the door. It was a delivery. As the little boy slowly opened his door, he came face to face with a large gentleman holding a package. “Hi, my name is Mr. Payne,” the large man said, as he handed the package to the young boy. That is the only memory he has of that stormy night. He has a hard time remembering anything these days. His life seems to be one small cage. He usually stay’s to himself. He has not had a friend to talk to in a long time, so he spends time talking to the pictures on his wall. It may sound crazy to some, but to him, sometimes he can even here the pictures talking back to him. Some times when he closes his eyes and listens hard enough, he can even hear them scream. But he has become so used to it; he now calls them his friends. He even has a time and date under their picture. Today is a special day for the man. He had been so busy preparing for his trip, he had forgotten about the visitor that is coming to see him today. Hours later, after completing his packing, his visitor arrived. He greeted the old man with a hug. “How you been son?”, The old man said. The young man put his head down in shame. Also most like a person, waking up from a nights rest, and the curtain lets the sun in the room. “I’m making it pop, all packed and ready for my trip.” “I mean, as ready as I can be, you know.” “Yeah, I hear you,”pop said, as tears filled his eyes. “Don’t cry for me pop, I done some really bad things, I have seen things that no man should ever see; during my time as a soldier.” “I am your Father; I love you for who you are, not what you have done, you’re my son.” “Your mother and I,” pain filled pop’s heart, as he tried to continue, before breaking down; we always loved you son.” The young man buried his face in his hands, no longer able to fight back the tears. “I miss her pop; I miss her so much.” “I just wasn’t able to deal with the pain of her death.” “Losing her light, made my world dark, she was my moon pop, I failed her, she would never want to see me like this.” His father placed his hand on his shoulder. “Son, you have to free yourself from the chains the bind you to your past pain.” Nothing you say or do, can take back the things that happened in the past, all you can do now is make peace with your self.” “You are my son, you just went down the wrong path, but that’s what you did, that’s not who you are.” “You’re not what they say you are.” You are not a monster, you are Savage Brightson jr,” and I’m still proud to be your father.” Savage cried in his father’s arms. This may be the first real tears; he has shed in over ten years since his mom funeral. “That’s enough,” a loud voice said, “it’s time to go.” Mr. Savage Brightson stands and watches his only son, walk away for the last time. Remembering his first steps, and now watching him take his last! The End.